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Kernow Martial Arts Reviews

  • As a fellow Martial Arts professional I am always inspired by the work of James Latus and his team at Kernow Martial Arts Academy. I am really excited to see his second dojo taking off as much as the first one. Great times ahead, keep up the great work!

    Chris Allen | 5 Star Facebook Review
  • Varied and productive classes; whether you want to lose weight, get fit or learn self-defence, it's a well-equipped club that gets you actual results in a great environment. Ideal for all ages and abilities.

    Nick Packer | 5 Star Facebook Review
  • So I'm fat, female and (nearly) forty with knackered-up hips all the co-ordination of a drunken lemming, but I've been made very welcome by James and my fellow learners at Camborne. I tried another club in the local area, the instructor had impressive credentials (first Dan, fourth Dan, Desperate Dan etc.) but amongst the other failings, I observed them neglecting to correct their learners' poor techniques. It is not good for a learner to practise making mistakes! James is not only an expert in his chosen art, but he is an excellent teacher and that is a rare thing. I have no hesitation in recommending Kernow Martial Arts for learners of all ages and abilities.

    Christine Downing | 5 Star Facebook Review

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