Join Our Military-Grade Krav Maga Training for Self-Defence

The Israeli Army developed Krav Maga and has been proven to be very effective that the U.S. law enforcement and many other agencies internationally use it as their self-defence method. In our school, we will help you use these techniques and apply them well to each situation.

We provide hands-on training through realistic conditions so you can figure out how to attack your opponent's weaknesses, study the art of escape, and manoeuvre your way in the presence of unwanted attacks. Sign up today and invest in your safety!

Our Teaching Style is Direct, Practical, and Highly Effective

We believe that the best way for students to learn self-defense is by providing the most realistic examples possible. While we cannot really predict the exact situation that may come their way, we do have the capacity to be most prepared. When you join us, we will teach you how to detect an attack even meters away, how to predict their possible moves, and how to respond.

We will guide you on deepening your physical and mental strength and making the most of your feet, hands, knees, and elbows. You will become more strategic and innovative along the way. We're excited to teach you how!