The First Step To Your Child's Growth and Lifelong Learning

Our NINJA CUBS program introduces the basics of martial arts and helps your young ones develop foundational skills such as motor, listening, coordination, and mental focus. This is well-suited for kids 5 to 6 years old and is the stepping stone for training here at KMA. Through enjoyable game-oriented drills and adventure-packed exercises, your child will develop the discipline needed to improve the body and mind.

Our program is a great way to prepare for the next level, Kids Martial Arts, and become confident of meeting new people and exploring new things!

We Teach Kids Life Practical and Timeless Life Lessons

As early as possible, we believe that kids must learn the basics of martial arts while also taking to heart the essential values in life. By being good role models towards our students, they will know the importance of respect, empathy, and kindness towards others. Our instructors demonstrate these life values by treating one another in our school with encouragement and like family. Many parents are happy to see their children succeed in school, at home, and outside.

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